The CEO Lash Business Course

You can consider this your Lash MBA (yes, really). By following our meticulously crafted pre-recorded modules, you will gain the knowledge and expertise to become a rising star in the lash industry. It is now time for you to build the lash business you have always wanted to run.

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What You'll Learn in our Pre-Recorded Modules


  • Developing confidence as a successful entrepreneur
  • How to establish a brand identity that will stand out from the crowd
  • Pricing your services appropriately and raising them to maximize profits
  • Hiring and building the team you've always wanted at the correct time
  • Step-by-step demonstration of taking and editing photographs
  • An overview of the process of creating a short-form video
  • Expanding and opening a salon: when is the right time to do so
  • The basics of product creation: Pricing, Suppliers, and Ordering
  • The steps to becoming an online or in-person trainer
  • Answers to the most frequently asked question about Lanna Lashes.

Also included is our iconic model lash shoots behind-the-scenes and how you can do them yourself

It's time to say "YES!" to our first-ever, all-in-one lash business course and start your journey towards building a thriving lash empire right now!

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With this course, you can skip the costly marketing, photography, and business courses and go straight to achieving 6 to 7 figures. Imagine the endless possibilities and lifelong success that awaits you – all for less than the price of a single course.

Act now and seize this amazing opportunity to succeed in the beauty industry like never before!

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